Common Misconceptions About the Crusades

There are a few, common misconceptions about the Crusades. The first is that the Crusades were unprovoked attacks upon the Muslims by the Christians. However, the Christians simply wanted to regain Jerusalem. Besides, the Muslims had been conquering areas in Europe for centuries.

The second misunderstanding is that the men who went on crusades went to gather wealth. Yet, the Crusades caused great debt and most kings returned poor. It was for religious purposes that these crusaders embarked upon such a perilous journey.

Livonian Brothers of the Sword

Livonian Brothers of the Sword

Last, and probably most relevant to today, is the incorrect idea that the Muslims held a grudge against Westerners, something that would have led to the terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century by extremists. But in reality most Muslims hardly remember the Crusades and definitely don’t hold a grudge against the West.

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