Good Things That Came as a Result of Lehrer’s Heart Attack

Jim Lehrer had been a bus-man and a journalist working for a newspaper. But it was when he went into television with PBS News that he made his name. Lehrer loved writing. He wrote a novel, Viva Max!, which was later made into a movie. He also wrote his autobiography, A Bus of My Own.

1969 Film Poster for Viva Max!

1969 Film Poster for Viva Max!

It is in his autobiography that we read about his life-changing heart attack. While beforehand he had the diet of an irresponsible person when he was faced with death, he made the decision to change for the better. So, while lying in the hospital bed, Lehrer made a healthy-living list, which forever changed his life:

  • Healthy food, better diet
  • No more smoking
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily naps
  • Live by love, peace and his love of writing

These things, among others, changed Lehrer’s life forever.

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