A Major Turning Point in My Life

One turning point in my life was when we got our dog. I had been horribly scared of dogs ever since I was one years old. A dog had barked in my face and because I was so little, I had freaked out. For years after, just seeing a dog three hundred feet away would scare me and I would start screaming. It was horrible and embarrassing, especially when we were in stores. So finally when I was seven years old we got a dog: a six month old puppy.

She was an adorable brindle Bouvier de Flanders. We named her Maya. After a few weeks I began to pet her and let her come to me. However, what melted my heart was when she licked me for the first time. I was sitting on the floor tying my shoes when she came up to me and licked my face. Although I was startled and scared at first, afterwards I realized I liked it.

Without Maya I would never have gotten over my horrendous fear of dogs. I am very grateful to her for that. She is now almost eight years old and a wonderful pet. Dogs are wonderful creatures and I don’t think anybody should be scared of them. Maya helped me and I hope everyone who is scared of dogs is able to get over their fear like I did.

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