Kourdakov’s Failed Assignment

In The Persecutor (also known as Forgive Me, Natasha), the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov, we find that he had a ‘failed assignment.’

Kourdakov was born in 1951, but became an orphan shortly after. When he was six years old he was taken to an orphanage and as the years passed he became the leader of the orphanage’s youth Communist group.

After he graduated from high school, he decided to go into the navy. He soon proved to be capable, responsible as well as knowledgeable in Communism. Soon after entering the navy he was visited by the head of the Secret Police (KGB). He readily accepted the job that they offered him as an agent and he picked his team of twenty men.

Sergei Kourdakov

Sergei Kourdakov

Finally Kourdakov’s first important assignment came. He was to take fourteen men and go arrest the main Believers* of a certain secret meeting. However, after he and his team arrived there he found it difficult to arrest the preachers. He took them without violence to the headquarters of the Secret Police. His boss was very angry because he hadn’t used violence while arresting them.

Why did Sergei Kourdakov fail in his assignment?

I think it was because he wasn’t a cruel person at heart. Even though he persecuted the Believers, deep down inside he didn’t want to harm them. This is why Sergei Kourdakov failed in his assignment.

*The Old Believers were the traditional Christians of Russia, which were persecuted because they did not accept the religious reforms made by Patriarch Nikon in the latter 17th century.

Note: Soon after this episode, Kourdakov got a job on a Russian ship traveling near the Canadian coast as a radio man, hoping for a chance to escape the life of a communism. (He had become doubtful as to the legitimacy and effectiveness of Communism.) He miraculously escaped into Canada and was free. He became a Christian, and although it cost him his life, Kourdakov tried to help the persecuted Believers in Russia. He was found dead from a gun-shot the day he was to turn twenty-one. Although called an accident, it is thought that he was murdered by fellow Secret Police agents after being threatened not to divulge any secret KGB information.

5 thoughts on “Kourdakov’s Failed Assignment

  1. No conocía esta historia. Pero me gusta mucho el personaje. En esos años, hubo muchas personas que escaparon de Rusia y el comunismo. Muy interesante y por supuesto muy bien escrito el ensayo.
    No lo encuentro largo, no podrías haber explicado la historia con menos palabras.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Translation:
      I don’t no this history. But I like the person very much. In those years, there were many people who escaped Russia and Communism. It is very interesting, and of course, the essay is very well written.
      It is not long and you couldn’t explain it with less words. Congratulations!

      Me: It is a very interesting book. I like it a lot and I have the book.


  2. This is really informative, and well written. However in the english essays they are supposed to be 100 words or less. For my first essays, mine were long too because I did not follow the directions, and it was hard for me to write shorter.


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