Northup’s Separation

“Describe the difference between Northup’s response to separation from his children and Eliza’s response to separation from her children.”

Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup was born a free black. He grew up, married and was a successful entrepreneur. In his autobiography, Twelve Years a Slave, he describes how he was kidnapped by illegal slave traders and sold into slavery. He ends the book by telling how he was finally able to return to freedom after twelve years.

I think that the main difference between Eliza’s, a slave with two children, and Northup’s sorrow at being separated from their respective children is that Northup, being a free black sold illegally, had hope and perhaps a means (eventually) to see his children.

However, Eliza, having been a slave her entire life, and her children having been sold into slavery separately, had no hope or way to see her children again, and therefore she slowly gave way to the overwhelming grief and died. Northup survived and lived to see his children again.

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