Thoreau’s Background In ‘Walden’

“Would Walden (Henry D. Thoreau’s autobiography) benefit from more background on Thoreau’s life?”

In Walden there is not even one page in which Thoreau describes his early life, family (parents and siblings), education, work, etc…. He doesn’t give any background information whatsoever. Therefore, it is hard to know why certain later experiences affected him; why he made certain decisions; why he had certain philosophies.

I definitely think that Walden would benefit greatly from more background information on Thoreau, especially because it is an autobiography.


One Comment on “Thoreau’s Background In ‘Walden’

  1. I don´t know Toureau, but what I know is that to understand someone´s way of thinking, believing, or experiences it is very important to know the early years, background, etc. Childhood with family, etc. influences a lot the individual.
    Well thought on your side. Congratulations!!!!!


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