Robots and Jobs–Employment In 2030

There is great controversy over the development of robots and the fact that in the next decades they may be able to replace humans in many routine jobs. If this does happen, will they really be able to fully replace humans? Will this make us poorer? Will this open up more jobs for humans?

I personally don’t think that robots can ever fully replace humans in the job market. Robots can’t replace people like doctors, politicians, graphic designers, because these jobs use creativity and a human’s intelligence to solve problems.

On top of that, honestly, let’s face it, who wants a piece of machinery to operate on your brain??? I wouldn’t. Who wants a robot to babysit your child? Would you like to go listen to a music concert played by a bunch of robots? If that happens, I think the music industry is going out of business. There are many jobs that just cannot be fulfilled by robots.

If robots do end up taking over several human jobs, what can you do to prevent your job from being replaced? Establishing your own business, being an entrepreneur, is a great way to find a niche in which you cannot be replaced. If you are an owner of a business that provides a product that cannot be replaced by robots you will be “safe.”

Also, being a business owner allows you to take advantage of the “robot workers.” You can use them in your own business. I don’t think I’d do that because I would much rather hire a human than a piece of machinery, however more “inefficient” that might be. But, that’s just my opinion.

What do you think about robots and jobs? Leave a reply below and tell me your opinion!

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