The Traveler’s Reforms In More’s Utopia

“Why does More present the traveler as a sensible reformer early in Book I, but not later?”

Thomas More wrote Utopia in 1516. The main character in the book encounters a world traveler, named Raphael, and converses and debates with him. The topics of discussion are introduced by Raphael, who takes them from his stay in Utopia.

The ideas that the traveler wants to establish in the middle age societies were taken from this Utopian civilization. Why did More make the traveler look foolish by stating ideas that were clearly not realistic?

One reason could be that More wanted to show that a Utopia is silly or unrealistic. Maybe, through the traveler’s mostly communistic ideas, he wanted to show that Communism is not realistic and should not be implemented.

Whatever More’s reason, I am sure it was a good one. A man like Thomas More would not have written a satirical book just for the fun of it.

2 thoughts on “The Traveler’s Reforms In More’s Utopia

  1. It is very long ago that I read Utopia. But the word utopia means something difficult to reach, kind of a dream.
    I would like to remember better the book in order to discuss it with you.
    Good essay


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