The Worth of TV Time

I estimated that I would watch about 10 hours of TV a week. I found that I watched about 7 hours in one week. Punching this into a compound interest calculator at 7 times $20/hr (the minimum I would make by starting my own business by age 15), with a 10% compound interest rate, in 54 years (I would be 70 years old) I will have lost $3,650,833.51 to TV.

I don’t even watch what the average teen does. According to a study, the average teen watches about 22 hours of TV per week. This, multiplied $20/hr, by age 70 (starting at age 15) the average teen will have lost $11,474,048.18 to TV watching.

While occasionally TV can be useful (very unlikely), the majority of TV watching is for entertainment and relaxation. We all need relaxation and entertainment. The majority of TV I watch is movies—mostly on weekends. But think about the amount of TV you could cut and instead do something useful during that allocated TV time, particularly during the week days.

I would never have thought that TV time was worth so much.

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