Why would you want to apprentice yourself to somebody or, why would you want to accept an apprentice? Back since time immemorial, there has been the master and his apprentice. Many times we think of an apprentice like those blacksmith apprentice boys, back in 18th century America. But, of course, there have been and are apprentices in all fields and areas of work. From blacksmith to farmer to engineer to entrepreneur, there is a reason why an apprenticeship is a good idea. That reason is obvious: apprenticeship offers a hands-on opportunity to learn that trade/job and get advice from an expert from that field.

Most everybody, without realizing it, has had or is having an apprenticeship. For example, perhaps your parents have a business or your uncle and somebody you know. You work for them or you help them out or you hang out with them. You are learning the ropes of that business. I work for a small, local business where I live. It’s not an apprenticeship, but all the same, I am learning very important skills. From dealing with people, to managing problems to learning the basics of what runs a small business. These skills are not only important if I was to become an entrepreneur, but for any area I might choose to work in.

Why would you get an apprentice? If I knew a trade or job so well, had had great success in that field and really wanted to make a difference, I would accept apprentices. By doing this you get a chance to not only teach the field you love and excel in, but you can teach those valuable skills that only come through experience in life. Parents do this all the time. They teach their children everything that they have learned throughout their lives. Of course, we don’t call this apprenticeship!

Learning the ropes gives you a higher chance of success if you put in effort, willingness and joy. You’ll learn valuable skills, you’ll deal with people and depending on the field, you might be able to do some jobs. Apprenticeship is important and I think a big key to success.

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