A Golden Hope

“Why did Crusoe take the coins off the ship?”

Robinson Crusoe is the story of a man that was ship-wrecked on an island, alone, for years. When he first swam to the island he built a raft to transport as many goods as he could from the wrecked ship back to the island. After several days of getting the necessary food, clothes and tools, he came across a chest of gold coins. At first knowing they were useless, he decided to leave them to sink. On second thought, he brought them along. Why?

I think there are two potential reasons, the first of which is the most improbable; the second of which I think is the true reason.

Crusoe may have taken them off the ship because the thought of all that gold sinking to the bottom of the ocean was too much and he couldn’t part with all that money even if he couldn’t use it. Crusoe had been a bit greedy throughout his early life, and after running away from home, had wanted to make lots of money all the time. However, I think that this reason is not what motivated Crusoe because he was focused on survival, not money.

I believe that the true reason for Crusoe taking the coins to the island was because they offered comfort and hope to him. They offered comfort as they were a small part of the world he had just been separated from. The coins gave him hope that one day when he got off the island, he could get home, perhaps pay to get passage off the island. If you were stranded, alone, with little provision, having to rely solely upon your physical strength to survive and then on top of that penniless! When we live in a world where money is so important, as did Crusoe, it could be perhaps that the money offered hope to him. It offered a small remembrance of the life he used to live. It gave him hope that if he could get off the island, he would get back home. That is why Crusoe took the gold coins off the wrecked ship.

13 thoughts on “A Golden Hope

  1. Thank you for giving me the link to your blog 😉 I agree with your interpretation…the money was a link to the hope.

    How long have you been a RPC student? What do you like best/least about the curriculum and the community that it brings with it? If you have a chance to answer, I would really value your opinion!


    • I started the RPC when it began, in 2012. I like that it is a self-taught go-at-your-own-pace curriculum. I also love the material that is taught. The forums allow students to help each other and interact, which is really great. It also helped me (and others) start a blog–which is fun and good for school. So, overall I love the RPC! 🙂


      • Thank you, myriam! I am working on (my first) blog called the https://rpcparentsconnect.wordpress.com
        I have a desire to connect and share with other parents and have felt a real gap with how the website/curriculum is currently set up. I really appreciate any feedback from students and parents that will help us to work together and improve things (at least from the parents experience) that could be improved…not in a negative, ranting way, but through communication and networking. KWIM? So, obviously, there is a lot I don’t know, and any help helps all of us…by the way, how do you respond privately like you did here?


        • 🙂 I’m sure you will get used to the website. It takes a while, as not all of the layout is the best. Also, after a year or so you get used to the way the students and teachers work together. 🙂
          Also, what do you mean by commenting privately?


          • I’m just figuring out how the wp reader works. I thought that they were private messages because I didn’t see my comments on your blog. Can you explain how the teachers and students work together? I must be missing something. Yes, I have figured out how to “work around” the website myself…but having to constantly explain to others that I send there where things are is a huge deterrant. I really value the curriculum, the students, and their blogs. But I find that as a parent, there is a feeling of being on the outside. I have homeschooled for over 12 yrs and want to still be a part of their community. kwim?


            • In regard to the “private messages” I have a setting that says I have to moderate my comments before they appear. That helps for spam and stuff. 🙂
              Uh, for the other stuff, if we need help, have a question, see a mistake, we point it out in the appropriate forum and then the teacher, or Dr. North, will reply. Us students interact with each other via our blogs, sometimes on the course forums and also on the Discussion forum.
              Also, remember that this is a curriculum, not a school (quoting Dr. North) and there are no real ‘teachers’. It is a student-help-student process.


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