Harry Browne’s 5 Steps

Harry Browne’s secret to selling anything is “Find out what the customer wants and help him get it.” In this way you are actually selling something they want rather than forcing it upon them. Who wants an obnoxious, in-your-face salesman telling you about something utterly irrelevant to your life anyway? There are five steps, according to Harry Browne, that help you to make a successful sale.

#1: Discover what the customer wants. You must find out what he wants. Maybe you’re not selling something he wants, in which case, don’t waste your time. Sell to someone who wants what you have to offer.

#2: Summarize the motivation. Once you know what the customer wants, find out why he wants it. Does he want a new car because his old one broke? Because his child needs one? Because he simply desires another car? Then summarize this in a sentence, telling him, to make sure that you know exactly what he wants and why.

#3: Present your product. Finally you get to tell him that you have the perfect thing for him. Do this in a way that is relevant to him. You know why he wants it, so don’t tell him that this vacuum cleaner comes with several different attachments, when what he really wants is one that’ll pick up pet hair.

#4: Answer questions. Always do this. It shows you’re open to them. It shows that you really care about what they want.

#5: Close the sale. This is crucial. You can do this by simply saying, “can I take a payment right now?”, or “shall we sign this paper?” Closing the sale, secures the sale.

These are the five steps to a successful sale, according to Harry Browne.

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