A Trip to Yellowstone….

We live close to Yellowstone National Park, so my family and I took a trip to the park on Memorial Day. It was lots of fun, an absolutely gorgeous day, so we had a great time!

We really wanted to see a moose in the park, because we always see them outside the park. And we did! We saw one, and I got some pictures of it. We also saw a black bear. It was small and cute and furry, and even though I am freaked out about bears (yes, I’ve grown up in bear country, know the proper precautions, etc…but I’m still freaked out about them!) this one looked like it wouldn’t harm a fly! Anyway, I know that looks are most definitely deceiving with bears, but it was still cute and it came close to the car so I got some nice shots (camera shots, that is).Β 

As a little aside, my family has a tradition that we always go to Yellowstone on Mother’s Day. And the best part is that we always see at least one bear, normally multiple. I’m not kidding you. And we’ve been doing it for several years, as long as we’ve lived around the area. One year, I remember we saw seven bears, both grizzly and black, in one trip. That was so cool! One grizzly walked right in front of the car and scratched it’s back on a tree right next to the road. I still remember even though I was pretty little. This year we saw three bears, two black and one grizzly.

We had lots of fun on this trip and also saw the usual buffalo, deer, elk, pronghorn, ducks, geese, and various birds, which is always cool too, although after a while it gets boring.

So here are a bunch of pictures. Some are landscapes, and of course the animals. Hopefully you enjoy! Leave a comment if you’ve ever been to Yellowstone and what you’ve seen! πŸ˜€

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17 thoughts on “A Trip to Yellowstone….

  1. Absolutely a fantastic read πŸ™‚ we could well be heading down here next week!! Do you know of any good 3-5 night hikes in the park? And get a good chance to see wolves? We have had a few adventures of our own you might enjoy πŸ™‚ check out a few of my reads would love some feedback πŸ™‚


  2. I love Yellowstone! Unfortunately it is usually closed during the time of year that I am in Montana. I think we went twice, and I loved it both times. We rushed to go see Old Faithful, and it was the smallest eruption ever. Then in the distance, the geyser we rushed away from set its own record. xD


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