3 Years….

Hello everyone! So, sorry for the neglect, but I went on vacation, and the prep, actual vacation, and after-math of getting re-adjusted have prevented my posting. 🙂 But, I am preparing a post with pictures from my vacation and stuff, so hopefully I’ll have that up soon, but you never know.

However, I have a special announcement. A few months ago I realized that I’d had my blog for almost three years, which is pretty exciting, being that I’ve only neglected it about one year out of those three. And I was planning an eloquent post, you know, all shmancy fancy to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of my blog. But! I’m afraid I forgot. Yes, I’ve had a lot going on and although I write down repeatedly in my agenda to post on my blog, in reality, the blog was the furthest thing in my mind and #100 on my to-do list.

So……..if you would all give WordPress a great big three cheers because if it hadn’t been for their notification that yes, I had actually had my blog for three years, I would have passed by this monumental landmark! So, thank you WP! You’re my hero!

Anyway, you basically got the point by now: today (it’s almost over by now, but….), August 8th, is the day that I started this blog three years ago. Makes me so sentimental….

Enough nonsense, I feel like I probably shouldn’t post this because I am writing with a hint of sarcasm, but whatever! I’m tired cause it’s bed-time and hopefully tomorrow I can start working on a vacation post, and hopefully a post on what I’ve been doing (other than lying on the beach….oops! vacation spoiler!), because in a few weeks I’m going to college!!!! How does time sneak up so fast? Or, rather, pass by so fast?

Talk to you all soon!

Myriam ❤ 😀

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