‘College-ing’: Tip #1

Hey guys! How did your week go? Hopefully fantastic! 🙂

I had an idea to do a ‘doing college’ (hence-‘college-ing’) tip series, every so often. Let me know if you think I should continue these. AND if you have any great college-ing tips, let me know!

Todays college-ing tip is Erasable Highlighters

If you know me, you know that an office store is a little bit of heaven to me, and office supplies are like my candy. It’s nearly impossible for me to walk into an office store/supply area and not buy something, even if it be a pen…I love pens so much! 😛 (Let me know if you think I should do a post on pens, my favorite, etc…)

Anyway, the other day I was in the college bookstore looking for something for one of my classes and I saw “erasable highlighters”. Of course I was intrigued and of course I bought one. It actually works! It really erases! You have to let it dry fully and then erase with the back of the highlighter.

The great thing is this: you can use these in textbooks and then erase them and re-sell them! I normally don’t mark up my textbooks because I like to re-sell them and get some money back. But now I can do both!

The brand I bought is Pilot FriXion (this is NOT an affiliate post-recommendation is based on my own opinion).

If you try them, let me know how they work!

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