College Q&A

Hello everyone! I am going to be answering the couple questions I got about college! Hope you enjoy, and if you haven’t yet, please do subscribe to my blog for weekly posts! ❤

Ashley asked, Are you planning on monetizing your blog?” Yes, I am! I really want to learn how and try to get some extra income off of it. All subs and likes/shares are really appreciated! I love your support! 🙂

Emma asked, Is college harder or easier than you expected? If you could warn/tell your past self about one thing (before going to college) what would it be?” 

First, college is academically easier than I expected. Somehow in my mind I had made college out to be very, very difficult, academically speaking. And obviously there are harder classes, tough days and assignments you wish never existed, but overall college is easier than I expected it to be. In other aspects college is about the same as I thought it was going to be. Some professors are great, some aren’t. There are lots of great people, and some are not so great. Most of the college systems and staff are bureaucratic and the dorms and food are crap. Which is why I am so happy that I am living at home!

Second. This one’s pretty hard. I feel like the answer to this is the cliche, “Don’t worry about what other’s think of you, you just be who you are and you’ll do great!” And it’s true. I would tell myself that. But, I would probably say something like this:

Homeschooling has prepared you so well for college, so don’t worry. You won’t be behind. Assignments won’t be too hard. You will understand everything, even what they say is difficult to understand. Your love of reading will be immensely helpful, and you will even learn to love writing! Professors will love you because you love to learn and classmates will respect you because you are smart and nice to be around. You will be a proud post-homeschooler and wear it like a badge! (lol) Most of all you have to remember one thing: don’t think of what others think of you, do what you gotta do and then worry about everything else; look out for yourself because nobody else will do it for you; and above all, don’t forget to let the pressure down a bit and relax! 

Allison asked, Do you have any challenges or success stories in college? If so, which is most significant of each for you?” 

Probably my biggest challenge was in my first semester dealing with the interior design program I was in. I disliked the program, had bad proffesors, a huge work load, it was overall a very frustrating situation. It took me a while to realize (with the help of my parents) that the design program was not right for me and I was stressed beyond healthiness (instead of the freshman 15 of pounds you put on, I did the freshman lose 15 pounds from my stress and not eating). However I finished out the semester, got good grades, and left with the knowledge that I had learned valuable lessons. A big bonus is that after the huge workload and big stress I had during that semester anything after it seems minor compared to. So I am doing good right now! 😉

My biggest success so far, is two things. One is, at least from my perspective, very important, and this is simply doing great in my classes so far, moving from a homeschool setting.

The other success would be setting a goal and completing it, so far at least. The goal I set myself this semester was to get an A in math, particularly in Survey of Calculus. My first semester I got a C in math. This was frustrating to me, mostly because I normally get much better grades and also because I loved and did great in math in highschool. This semester I am working hard and achieving my goal. I currently have an A in my math class and I am so happy! 🙂 Hard work really does pay off!

Thank you guys so much for your questions, I really appreciate it! If you have any suggestiosn for what kind of posts you’d like to see next please don’t hesistate to let me know!



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