How Blogging Improved My Writing

Today I wanted to share with you guys how blogging has improved my writing. I have been thinking recently about how in college I am not afraid or reluctant to have my peers review my papers in workshops. In fact, I find it fun to read other’s papers and have them critique mine. We all come from a different viewpoint so we all catch different mistakes or have different, sometimes better, ways of writing a thought or description.

I think my enjoyment of this is because I have a pretty high confidence level in my own writing.ย That being said, reflecting on this a little more, I think it really comes from a few years of having my writing in the public eye. Granted that my blog wasn’t, and still isn’t, super popular and it doesn’t have a ton of views, my writing is still exposed to the world on a daily basis.

I started my blog in 2014 for school. The online curriculum I was doing at the time suggested that it’s students have blogs to post the essays we would write so that our peers and teachers could review and critique them. And that began my writing for the “public”, even though in the beginning it was just for my peers. Still, I wanted my essays to be great so that my peers would be impressed. Natural feelings to most kids, I presume?

Critique is very important. After all, if we never hear different viewpoints on something, can we ever really validate our own point?

I like to learn through doing. Let me make a mistake, and then critique me on what I did so that I learn that way. —Ne Yo

Having the pressure that other’s are going to read your writing makes you want to perfect it. It made me pay more attention to my mistakes, want to correct them faster, and it also taught me to mold how I wrote to my audience. Writing for a specific audience is what makes a piece of writing effective. If you try to write for anyone, anywhere, it will sound boring, bland and no one will be interested deeply. Now on my blog, I write for a college audience. Obviously other’s stumble on my posts and like them–baroque music lovers, homeschoolers, random people.

Writing for a specific audience has really helped my writing style. I identify my audience, figure out what I need to say and why, and I have a stronger voice. I am not hesitant to use my own “voice” in my writing, say “I”, or state opinions.

When you write for more people than yourself, your writing improves vastly. Just knowing someone else will read it and relate it to you makes you write differently than if you just write for your own eyes.

Whether on a blog, through social media or in school, your writing reflects you, no matter how hard you might try for it not to. So don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. Know that you still have the choice to accept it or not, and also remember that another perspective can open worlds of creativity, knowledge and joy.

I would highly recommend starting a blog if you want to improve your writing or just share your wonderful creativity with others. You think it’s not good enough for the world? Think again. Someone will really love it. If you do want to start a blog, the hosting I use isย WordPress*. It’s a great place to start. It’s free and super simple to use! Try it out! Don’t like it? Hey, you didn’t waste any money. But I betcha that you will love it! Let me know if you decide to try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions about it if you need help!

Have a wonderful rest of your week, everyone! โค


*This is an affiliate link that earns me a commission if you decide to make a blog. This is at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products/services that I regard highly.ย 


9 thoughts on “How Blogging Improved My Writing

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  2. What you said is so true. When I write and it becomes public I am much more critcal about editing my writing. The weekly assignments we had to post on our blogs certainly helped me become the writer I am today. And you’re so right about molding your writing for your specific audience! I actually wrote three papers about this topic since I began college this past fall!


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