The Wierdest Laws In America!?!?!?

We normally don’t know the full extent to which the laws of our states go to. After all, how could we know unless we committed the offense…and who would even try to make glue out of a dead skunk? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, here are some of the wierdest laws in the U.S. that I found interesting and ridiculous.

  • Arkansas:ย Can’t sound a horn after 9PM at any place serving cold drinks or sandwiches
  • Illinois: Cannot fall asleep in a cheese shop
  • Montana: You must finish an on-stage performance–you can’t leave halfway through
  • New Hampshire: No picnicking in cemeteries
  • New York: No selfies with tigers
  • Oklahoma: No making glue out of dead skunks
  • West Virginia: May not swear in public, or you’ll be fined $1
  • Wyoming: Failing to close a fence behind you is a $750 fine
  • Conneticut: Pickles must bounce at a distance of one foot to be considered fit for sale
  • Montana (my state): It’s illegal to play frisbee-golf on the plains
  • In Baldwin Park, California: You cannot ride a bike in a swimming pool

Comment down below your favorite one and a crazy one from your home state!

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