How Cucumbers Changed My Life…

Yes, I mean it. Cucumbers did change my life. For real. Not clickbait. Find out the whys, hows and wherefores:

I have really bad seasonal allergies. I am allergic to pretty much everything at least six months out of the year. But this year has been the worst so far! Last month (pre-cucumbers) I basically looked awful: I was puffed, my eyes were red, swollen and itchy, I sneezed once every minute, my sinuses hurt, I had headaches, etc…. I basically felt like crap and I’m sure some of you guys can relate.

So, one day I went to the doctor (which I am always reluctant to do because I’ve tried it before and non of the allergy meds they have given me have worked) because my eyes were soooo bad. I mean awful. I got prescriptions eye drops, but the pharmacy wouldn’t have them ready till the next day.

That evening my Mom (God Bless Moms!!) told me to put some cucumber on my eye. I had been putting cold clothes on my eyes and stuff, but it hadn’t really done anything and my mom thought cucumber wouldn’t warm up so fast. So, I agreed and went to sleep with some cucumbers on my eyes like a magazine cover. 😉 

Those two little slices of green and white stuff changed my life! They pretty much saved me from having a miserable summer and gave me hope that allergies would not get the best of me. I probably had the cucumber slices on my eyes for about 10-15 minutes. My eyes burned, teared, hurt badly, got freezing cold BUT when I opened them not only did they feel like I could open them all the way (they weren’t swollen anymore), but the redness was gone and I wasn’t itchy! I couldn’t believe it!

After about a week and a half or so of putting cucumber slices on my eyes 1-2 times a day (but at least at night), my eyes don’t bother me anymore!!! I still have bad allergies, I sneeze, I am stuffed (like heck), and I get headaches, and my sinuses hurt me sometimes, but my eyes are FINE!!! I am sooo happy. And if anytime my eyes start getting worse I just lay down with some cucumber and I am good to go.

I will love cucumber forever! Now, I did some research on this delightful veggie and it seems like this is one thing the magazines and movies have right. Cucumber can:

  • keep your heart healthy
  • maintain/help you lose weight
  • detox
  • help acne, wrinkles, skin irritation and cellulite
  • anti-inflammitory
  • moisturizing
  • helps prevent cataracts
  • prevents bad breath
  • combats cancer
  • helps digestion
  • is anti-diabetic
  • good for blood pressure
  • good for hair loss
  • and many, many more things! (go ahead and look for yourself!)


I highly recommend you eat, drink and wear cucumbers! They are amazing! If you have allergies or irritated eyes, definitely try them. I cannot tell you how much they have helped me. Even if I have bad allergies, if my eyes aren’t bad, then I can survive! 😀 Honestly!

My favorite way to eat cucumber is to make a salad out of it. This is great especially in the hot weather to cool off or eat along with a fattier meal. I either shred the cucumber or cut it into tiny cubes and then add apple cider vinegar and salt to taste. Because cucumber is such a tasteless veggie, unless you add something to it, it can be pretty hard to eat. However, putting slices on a sandwich can be yummy too and add an extra crunch. You can also put cucumber slices in your water to keep it fresh and cool.

I wanted to share my life changing cucumber experience (slight sarcasm detected?) because it has helped me so much (no sarcasm 😛 ). I hope this helps some of you. If you have allergies and know something that helps you (besides medications and stuff) please let me know! ❤


4 thoughts on “How Cucumbers Changed My Life…

  1. Hey Myriam! This Spring while I was in the states I experienced the slightest onset of allergies for one of the first times in my life. I got through it, but it was no fun. I didn’t do much to ease them but I did hear an allergy testimony from one of my college professors… He said he used to have terrible allergies that prevented him from doing anything besides lay at home. This continued until he heard about how bee pollen from your local area (bought at farmers market) could help. So he ate it- put it in smoothies, cereal- and his allergies went away within a week!
    I think you should definitely try this, Myriam!

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