What I am/have been/will be doing :)

Hello! I hope your summer is going great, like mine! Here is some stuff that I’m doing right now, and hopefully you enjoy my little life update! πŸ˜€

In May, after the semester finished, I did get a job. I really enjoy working and having a job to do (or school) and I also wanted the money. πŸ˜› Obviously…. lol However, I ended up quitting a couple of weeks ago, due to some circumstances at work and stuff, and now I am actually really happy I did that! At first, when I quit I wanted to look for another job because I like working, but I didn’t. I realized that for the past couple of years I had been working or doing school non-stop and I needed a break. So, I am really grateful I am in the situation where I don’t need the money to live, and I can just take the summer off. So that’s what I am doing! I think I did need a break before I started sophomore year in college and it’s really nice to just chill. I haven’t done that in so long. You know, even when you have a vacation or you get a weekend off or whatever, you still feel like you have stuff to do and you never fully relax. So it’s super awesome to be able to do that now!

So now I am enjoying the summer. The heat has finally hit us here in MT. It’s been so cool for the past few weeks, and the 4th was the coolest 4th I have ever seen! It was like 60 degrees F! So, yeah. The heat has finally come, it truly feels like summer, and I am just really finally enjoying it! I get to go out, do fun stuff, read lots of books (which I’ve been missing), and watch movies…it feels like a permanent weekend. It’s great! So I hope you can enjoy your summer as well, wherever you are!

College starts again the last week of August, and I am actually really looking forward to it, despite the fact that I have all very boring classes scheduled. I will be taking Intro to Accounting, Basics of Nutrition, Honors Economics (covers micro & macro), Stats, and Honors Texts & Critics. Oh, and Aikido! So I guess I never told you guys, but I applied for Honors college at the end of the past semester and I got accepted! Which is pretty awesome. I am very excited. The classes are smaller and there are far more opportunities for career exposures, contact making opportunities and just fun stuff overall. My sister is also going to be attending Honors this fall (she’s just starting college!). So yeah, you still study for your regular bachelors degree (mine’s Business Management), but you also get a liberal arts Honors degree if you choose and take the appropriate courses. And, you can graduate summa cum laude if you have the required GPA and credits! All very exciting!

And then I’ll be doing Aikido! I am not a very physical person and not that athletic either (except for skiing) but I am excited to try this out and I think it’ll be very good to get a break from all the mental stuff I will be doing. My semester will be a total of 17 credits, plus the Aikido which is 1 credit, and then I think I will be doing a short Honors seminar over two days, which is also 1 credit. So total of 19 credits! My goal is to get done quickly, and while it might still take me three more years, hopefully I can shorten the time span or at least give myself less course load the last year or so.

So that’s kinda what’s been going on, and a little school update. I will do a textbook/school supply post later in August probably. What are your school plans?

ALSO, please let me know down in the comments which of the following posts you’d like to see most! I really want to know, and also give me ideas!!!

-Favorite books or movies or music

-Summer activities

-School/college hacks

-Room tour (later this year when I redecorate after our remodel is done)

-More origami or DIY videos

-any suggestions….???

Love you guys! ❀

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