Magnum P.I. | An 80’s Show You Should Watch

Hello! How’s your week going? I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite TV shows and hopefully convince you to watch it. Don’t forget to subscribe to get weekly posts! ❤

What show are you talking about? 

Magnum P.I., an 80’s show starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator who greatly dislikes being called a private eye, private detective or p.i., lives on a private Hawaiian estate and drives a red Ferrari in exchange for running security at the estate.

What’s it about? 

A private investigator who solves various cases, often with the help of his friends Rick (a.k.a Orville, who runs a private club), T.C. (who owns his own helicopter tour service), and Higgins (the guy who runs the estate). Rick and T.C. are both Vietnam vets who served along with Magnum in the Navy. Higgins is British, loves to tell long, unrelated, boring stories at the wrong time, has two dogs called “the Lads” (who dislike Magnum), and has a love-hate relationship with Magnum.

Is it serious or funny? 

I would say hilarious and sometimes more serious. The relationship between Magnum and his friends (and sometimes clients) provides never ending humor that won’t fail to make you laugh. Often the cases Magnum solves are serious, or even dramatic, but there’s always humor too.

Is it only about the cases? 

Like I said above, the series focuses a lot on the relationship between Magnum and his friends. He is always out of money, mostly because his clients are too poor to pay, he’s too nice to take more money, or he spends the money before he can use it. This leads to frequent bickering with his friends about un-paid tabs, helicopter gas money, and the shop bills from the Ferrari.

Is it entertaining?

I think it is. Very. Obviously it’s different than modern TV, because it’s from 30 years ago. It’s slower, there’s more dialogue, and the focus is more on relationships than action (though there’s still a fair share of that!). I often prefer older movies and series’ better than modern ones for those reasons.

How many seasons are there? 

There are eight seasons in all. I have watched four of them. I plan to watch the next four as well.

Should I watch it? 

Yes! Absolutely! Try it out. The worst that can happen is you dislike it! But I don’t think you will. It’s cool, entertaining, funny, well-acted, and if you like spy/detective stuff, you’ll really like it!

Let me know if you try it out, have any questions about it, or if you’ve already watched it! I want to meet some more Magnum fans! Do you like old series’ or movies. Comment below, don’t be shy! ❤

Check out the theme song:


Monday Memes

Every Monday should start off with a smile. (*Even though this post is in the evening, I know, but future ones will be in the morning.) Do you want to see more of “Monday memes”? Have a ridiculous, relatable, hilarious, utterly “must-see” meme to share? Do a “Monday meme” post yourself? Comment down below! ❤ One thing I love more than memes is comments, so don’t be shy! 🙂 Happy Monday!


My feelings as Monday the 27th begins to draw nearer 😉

How I feel even though I grew up in Montana…

Jedi 101: “Point lightsaber at face, die will you.”

Liebster Award!! + Wisdom Teeth Update

Hello! Thank you, Tiffany for nominating me for this award! Check out her blog guys and go follow her too.

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Tiffany’s Questions:

  1. What is your favorite comfort foods? Chai tea & olives & candy (that is really weird mix lol)
  2. Where are you from? Southwest Montana
  3. What was the last adventurous thing you did? Sign up for College Aikido classes, I guess. Tbh I am not that adventurous….
  4. What’s the last movie you’ve seen? The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis (I watched it last night).
  5. What do you enjoy most about the summer? Time off, the warm weather and being with my family. Also not having to worry about deadlines.
  6. What’s one goal(s) you reached so far for 2018? To get a 3.5+ gpa for my spring semester. I got a 3.55. 😀
  7. What’s your favorite sports? Skiing & soccer
  8. Where’s waldo? (LOL!) With you, probs. LOL
  9. What’s your favorite book to read, thus far? Tom Clancy novels about Jack Ryan
  10. How many pets do you have? 1, a dog
  11. Can’t think of anymore questions! (LOL!) lol besides 11 is an odd number!


11 Random Facts About Me: 

  1. I love shopping for clothes
  2. My favorite colors are teal/turquoise and purple
  3. I am obsessed with pens and planners
  4. I was homeschooled all the way through high school
  5. I hate spiders and bugs
  6. I like old movies
  7. I make jewelry
  8. I started this blog in 2014
  9. I want to go visit NYC badly (and the Bahamas)
  10. I want to be a pilot
  11. I am the oldest of four kids


My 11 Questions: 

  1. Would you rather watch a movie or read a book?
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  10. Coffee or tea?
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Well, I survived my wisdom teeth surgery! Yay! I am doing a lot better today, less swollen and utterly bored and tired of being in bed, watching movies and eating mashed potatoes. I am so glad I got this done before college starts (in one week ahhh!), because I would’ve been completely stressed had I had to go through this thinking about assignments and missed notes….Thanks for all the tips to make me more comfortable after my surgery. 🙂 Also, yes, I was a little loopy afterwards and it was hilarious! What I remember and what my mom tells me doesn’t fail to make me laugh! I am happy to say, none of it was embarrassing, I thought everyone was very “nice”, I cried when my mom didn’t use her GPS to get home, cried several times because I thought I was ugly with ice packs and swollen/numb face, said that I felt like an old lady when they gave me oxygen before the surgery, my sister now knows how very much I hate avocados, I kept telling my mom I should drive home, and I am very glad I don’t have to be loopy again. Were you loopy when you got your wisdom teeth removed?

Thanks for reading! Keep smiling! 😀 ❤

New Follower Q&A: Ask me anything! + Wisdom Teeth :/

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, which is so awesome, thanks so much! ❤ I figured that you might have questions to ask me or would like to get to know me better, so I want to do a Q&A!

Leave a comment asking me anything! The more the merrier! Also, I would love post ideas that I can plan for, because school starts in a couple weeks and then I need them planned! 🙂

I can’t wait to read your comments–I will be answering them as soon as possible between now and Wednesday. I have my wisdom teeth surgery on Wednesday so I will be out of commission for a bit! (Wish me luck, I am a little nervous. Also if you’ve had the surgery, any tips?)

Ask away! ❤

Don’t Forget to SMILE!

Even if you feel silly smiling at a screen do it. Now. SMILE!

It’s scientifically proven that smiling makes your brain feel happy. Next time you’re mad at someone or frustrated at something, just SMILE. But a real, teeth showing SMILE. 😀 😀 😀

I’ve noticed when I go around shopping, school, work, just wherever, that not that many people SMILE. You don’t have to be mr. SMILE at everyone and everything all the time, but smiling at people (especially if they smile first) is a courteous thing to do. And it makes everyone feel good. Why? Because we’re transferring our joy to another person. It’s like a tiny pinch of love that we’re sending to them, whether we know them or not.

Nowadays we are so focused on what we’re doing and where we are going, mostly with our eyes on the screen in our hands, that we don’t focus on people anymore. In line at the coffee shop, getting milk like the person next to you, walking in the park and passing someone by. There’s no harm in a nice little SMILE that can brighten someone’s day AND make you feel happy!

We don’t know what people are going through, what their struggles are. Maybe their having a bad day, maybe they just had something happen to them. Maybe their life just sucks right then. Your SMILE could help them keep going.

Just like a kind word we say, a SMILE is something that makes that person feel so much better. They may even SMILE at someone else. We can touch so many people, cheer them up, make them know they are loved, if we only SMILE. It’s a chain reaction. I SMILE at you. You SMILE at someone else, and so on. Try it! You may even save a life! A precious God given life! You can let someone know they are loved and cared for, that they are worth it! I think the genuine, joyful SMILE is worth it!

So I encourage you to go out and SMILE. At your family, your dog, your friends, the cashier, the UPS guy, that random person who happens to make eye contact with you. We can change the world by smiling. We just have to try!

❤ I love you guys and am sending a big, big SMILE to you right now! 😀