Baroque Myriam

Pottery Painting!!! 🖌️

Hey guys! The other day I went to paint some pottery with my family! I had done it once before when I was younger and painted a bird. This time I think I did much better, and I had much more fun! I highly recommend trying it if you have a pottery place near you!

So here are some pics. I painted a flower bowl that I use for my jewelry and I made the little flowers into earrings! So fun! There’s also a couple extra pics from things my siblings painted!

Before: Earrings
Before: Flower bowl and earrings
After: My flower bowl

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My Top 10: Books, Movies & Music

My top 10 favorite BOOKS…actually more like 9:

  • The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas
  • All Zane Grey novels, mainly Light of Western Stars
  • Tom Clancy Op-Center novels
  • Clancy novels on Jack Ryan
  • The Lord of the Rings & Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
  • How to Make Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (non-fiction)
  • Foundation Novels by Isaac Asimov
  • Nothing by Chance by Richard Bach
  • The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump
  • I read a ton of books, but these are my very favorites!!! 🙂


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What I am/have been/will be doing :)

Hello! I hope your summer is going great, like mine! Here is some stuff that I’m doing right now, and hopefully you enjoy my little life update! 😀

In May, after the semester finished, I did get a job. I really enjoy working and having a job to do (or school) and I also wanted the money. 😛 Obviously…. lol However, I ended up quitting a couple of weeks ago, due to some circumstances at work and stuff, and now I am actually really happy I did that! At first, when I quit I wanted to look for another job because I like working, but I didn’t. I realized that for the past couple of years I had been working or doing school non-stop and I needed a break. So, I am really grateful I am in the situation where I don’t need the money to live, and I can just take the summer off. So that’s what I am doing! I think I did need a break before I started sophomore year in college and it’s really nice to just chill. I haven’t done that in so long. You know, even when you have a vacation or you get a weekend off or whatever, you still feel like you have stuff to do and you never fully relax. So it’s super awesome to be able to do that now!

So now I am enjoying the summer. The heat has finally hit us here in MT. It’s been so cool for the past few weeks, and the 4th was the coolest 4th I have ever seen! It was like 60 degrees F! So, yeah. The heat has finally come, it truly feels like summer, and I am just really finally enjoying it! I get to go out, do fun stuff, read lots of books (which I’ve been missing), and watch movies…it feels like a permanent weekend. It’s great! So I hope you can enjoy your summer as well, wherever you are! Read more…

Happy 4th!!!

All I wanna say is…….




I hope you guys all have a wonderful 4th. Enjoy your families, love your country, and don’t forget the BBQ, fireworks and our beautiful 🇺🇸. Happy 4th everyone!!! ❤ 😀

College Tag! :)

Hello! I had the idea the other night to make up my own “college tag” for college bloggers. I don’t know if this’s already a thing but, that’s OK.

The way it works is if you’re tagged you,

  1. Link to the blogger that tagged you
  2. Answer the 10 questions
  3. Add your own question (and answer it)
  4. Tag 2 other college bloggers

With that being said, here are my ten questions and answers!

  1. What’s your favorite thing about college? That I get to learn things that are leading me toward something I love. 
  2. What’s your least favorite thing about college? Bad professors & really think textbooks.
  3. What’s your major & year? I’ll be sophomore fall 2018, business management. 
  4. Your favorite class (so far)? Oddly, it was calculus. It was hard but rewarding and actually fun. I know, I’m weird. 
  5. What is one essential food to get you through university? For me it’s granola/protein bars. 
  6. One thing you’d tell a college freshman? Honestly not to worry about what others think but also to NOT procrastinate, at all costs, especially mid-semester. 
  7. One hobby you do/did/recommend during college? Try and read a fun, easy-to-read book once in a while.
  8. List your three essential items to carry in your backpack for class: black/blue pen, snack, laptop. 
  9. What was your hardest class so far? A design class, but since I’m not doing that anymore…this semester it was astronomy. Uggh!
  10. Did you live on or off campus? Off. 

I am tagging:

-Life with Karla:


Have fun! 🙂 ❤

The Wierdest Laws In America!?!?!?

We normally don’t know the full extent to which the laws of our states go to. After all, how could we know unless we committed the offense…and who would even try to make glue out of a dead skunk? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, here are some of the wierdest laws in the U.S. that I found interesting and ridiculous.

  • Arkansas: Can’t sound a horn after 9PM at any place serving cold drinks or sandwiches
  • Illinois: Cannot fall asleep in a cheese shop
  • Montana: You must finish an on-stage performance–you can’t leave halfway through
  • New Hampshire: No picnicking in cemeteries
  • New York: No selfies with tigers
  • Oklahoma: No making glue out of dead skunks
  • West Virginia: May not swear in public, or you’ll be fined $1
  • Wyoming: Failing to close a fence behind you is a $750 fine
  • Conneticut: Pickles must bounce at a distance of one foot to be considered fit for sale
  • Montana (my state): It’s illegal to play frisbee-golf on the plains
  • In Baldwin Park, California: You cannot ride a bike in a swimming pool

Comment down below your favorite one and a crazy one from your home state!