So What?

Are the two words “so what?” important in writing and reading an autobiography? They are very important. Without remembering these two words when you’re writing your autobiography you are most likely to go off and write things that have no relevancy to your life, the point you are trying to make, or you simply begin writing silly, unimportant events.

The reader must be able to say “so what?” and have an answer in your book. Otherwise, your story will be left on the shelf, if it even gets there. A story must have ideas, stories, etc…that are relevant to the rest of the book and also that are important. “So what?” is an extremely important phrase to keep in mind when you are writing an autobiography or any book.

Equiano In the British Navy

“What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy?”

Olaudah Equiano was a freed slave who later become a very influential abolitionist and writer. He was born in Nigeria c. 1745. While still very young he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He ended up in the hands of a lieutenant in the British Royal Navy. He became a Christian. He was later sold and then re-sold. Equiano finally bought his freedom at the age of 22, in 1767.

While in the British Navy, Equiano regarded his life as nearly perfect. He was very grateful and thought he was extremely fortunate to be there. He wanted excitement, adventure and sea-battles. He got all of this and felt that this was probably the best time in his life as a slave.

A Big Impact

Was there something that occurred in my life that impacted it? I believe there was and that was the time I went to private school and what followed.

I am a homeschooler and I have always been one. However, when I was twelve years old, my family decided to try private school. My time there was one week. Then my parents withdrew me from the school and I returned to homeschool.

While in private school I learned several valuable things. The first was that I was ahead of my age in schooling. Second, that I learned a lot more with homeschooling than in private school. Third, that the lifestyle it brings (homework, late hours, little time with family, etc…) is definitely not for me.

Soon after we found the Ron Paul Curriculum and I began to study using it. This changed my life. Because of the way that the curriculum is taught I began to love studying a lot. Today I am determined to study very well and pursue a college degree.

Philosophy In An Autobiography

“Is it important to introduce and explain your philosophy early in your autobiography?”

I believe this depends on your writing style. If you can incorporate your philosophy with coherency and logic throughout your book, then it is not important or necessary to introduce your philosophy early in the book.

If you introduce your philosophy early the reader can decide if they actually want to read the autobiography. When I read the autobiography of Henry David Thoreau, Walden, I found that his philosophy was scattered chaotically throughout his book, therefore making it hard to make ‘head-or-tail’ out of it.

Whether or not you explain your philosophy early in the autobiography really depends on your writing style.