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Epicureanism is a Hellenistic philosophy that was founded in 307 B.C. by Epicurus. This philosophy proclaimed the belief that the gods do not care about earthly matters. Therefore we are completely without divine support. Read more…


Qualities of Plato’s Ideal Monarch

Plato -- Raphael
Plato, from Raphael’s School of Athens

Plato, in his work The Republic, sets forth the ideal of a perfect monarch. The ideal philosopher king possessed the ability to philosophize on matters of the state. As Plato writes, “A king who must philosophize; a philosopher who must rule.” These kings also knew how to wisely mete out justice. Plato says that the philosophers have access to the true ideas outside the world of form. Having access to this, a philosopher king can rule wisely, efficiently and for the benefit of the people.


Sparta was a city state in Greece that rose to power in the 10th century B.C.  In 650 B.C. it became the leading military power in Greece, which was reflected in their victory over Athens in the Peloponnesian War. Read more…

Disagreement Between the Sophists and Socrates

Relative truth was the cause of disagreement between Socrates, a fifth century philosopher, and the Sophists, the proponents of relative truth. The Sophists taught relative truth to the youth; Socrates did not believe in this. Relative truth is when there are no common standards. All actions, morals, ethics and judgments are based upon personal belief and opinion. This is what Socrates combatted.

The Iliad

The Iliad is a beautiful poem that begins half way into the tragic, ten-year Trojan War. It was written by the blind Greek poet Homer, anywhere from the 12th to 7th century, as historians are not sure when Homer lived.

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