Baroque Myriam

Foxe’s Acts and Monuments: Still Compelling?

“Is the language Foxe used still compelling today?” Foxe’s Acts and Monuments is an extremely lengthy (500 chapters) work on the history of Christian martyrs. It was written shortly after the death of Queen Mary I of England… Read More

Reconstructed Speeches

“Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?” It really depends on the context wherein I might include one. I definitely would not include a speech made by the mayor of my town because it would bore my… Read More

Memorable Images

One of the memorable images from the autobiography of Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery, was education. Education for the blacks (ex-slaves) is really the main point of the entire book. The freed black slaves had a great desire… Read More

Do Contrasts Make An Autobiography Stronger?

A young Russian Communist, having escaped into Canada, noted the difference between the two cultures. “They took me… and drove me around Prince Rupert…. My eyes almost popped out as I looked at the cars and nice homes….They… Read More

A Major Turning Point in My Life

One turning point in my life was when we got our dog. I had been horribly scared of dogs ever since I was one years old. A dog had barked in my face and because I was so… Read More