300 Followers | 4 Year Anniversary | Why I Blog

Hello everyone! I have been thinking lately of how much fun I have been having writing blog posts and connecting with other bloggers and growing my little blog family. It’s pretty cool to think that 300 people actually care about what I write. It’s both a small and big number at the same time. Small cause growth is always on the horizon, big because it’s like a quarter of my town. 😛

Anyway, it got me started about why I blog. So, I wanted to tell my wonderful three hundred followers and anyone else who happens to read this post, that I appreciate you guys so much and why I blog.

Starting to Blog:

Back in 2014 I started this blog for school. I started an online homeschool curriculum for high school and all the students had blogs on which they would post the weekly essays for the various subjects. It was a really great way for students to help each other out, parents to read essays, and a unique way of gaining confidence in writing (see here for how it helped me).

After 3 years of high school and essay posting (visit my menu and explore my earlier days of essay writing, some of which is memorable, most of which I would like to forget) I graduated high school and started college. That summer I had vague thoughts on how I wanted to blog through college, but once college actually started the stress overwhelmed me and the blog was lost under the mounds of homework.

Then, second semester around, I kinda re-vamped it.

  1. I had learned far better how to manage school, stress, and life (probably the most valuable skill learned in college lol)
  2. I wanted to monetize the blog and make money
  3. I remembered how much I had enjoyed writing posts on baroque music

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Bacon’s “Essays”

“Would any of Bacon’s essays have been more persuasive if he had talked about his own experiences?”

Essays was written by Francis Bacon in 1597, England. The work consists of several relatively short essays on various topics such as “Of Counsel” or “Of Friendship.” Bacon wrote the essays to influence people, change thought and behavior and to give advice. For example, in “Of Friendship”, he talks of how true friends are the only thing that can open the heart. Perhaps he wanted people to look more towards having true friends instead of worthless “friendships” that didn’t add anything to their lives. He wanted to give counsel as to what to look for in friends.

However, though Bacon’s topics are excellent and he gives good advice, etc…, there is something missing: personal experience. If Bacon had provided personal experience, like, for example, in the essay “Of Friendship”, you would have been more moved to change or at least think about his advice. Personal experience also gives us a better tie Continue reading

Montaigne’s Essays

“Now that I have finished the section on Montaigne, would I read any more of his essays? Why or why not?”

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) was the creator of the essay and a writer who actually wrote about himself, a novelty at that time (with the exception of St. Augustine of Hippo’s Confessions). Montaigne wrote with a style that keeps you reading except when he gets convoluted in his own philosophies. When this happens you want to throw away the book and never read it again.

It really depends on the topic Montaigne is writing about. If he writes about something he knows very well, it is enjoyable to read. When he starts get long-winded and tries to sort out his own thoughts in the essay, he loses his readers.

Therefore, I would only read more of Montaigne if the topic interested me and if the topic was well known by Montaigne.