So guess what? Basically I forgot to write a post for today. So that kinda sucks. I was really busy last week through yesterday and I think the next few days will be slightly better (hopefully). Which means I will hopefully be able to write some good posts this week for next week!

So for now is just a little school/life update I guess. Hope you’re interested! 😉

My classes are all good, I actually really like Accounting and Economics, although Econ can be fairly overwhelming sometimes. I am taking Honors Econ and it is macro, micro and business Econ in one class (4 credits), so it’s quite a bit. But I still like it. Also I don’t know if I mentioned which classes I was taking this semester, but I am taking 18 credits: accounting 201, honors economics, statistics, nutrition (uggh!), honors texts& critics and aikido.

I am really loving Aikido by the way! It’s a Japanese martial art and it’s super fun! I am not a very physical person (or aggressive) so this is really helping me balance out as well as giving me way more confidence in general. It’s really cool to learn all these moves and etiquette. So shout out to Dad for giving me the nudge into it! 🙂

I have been going to the gym a few times a week too. It feels really good to get moving, work out or swim. Even if I’m mentally tired it keeps me going to do something physical.

Work has been going really well too. I got a part-time work study job at the Army ROTC office on campus. I really like it, it’s just admin stuff but I like being around the military and the people are super friendly and happy. Plus it’s on campus so I can work it around my schedule AND I get to do homework if I’m not busy. So basically all around A-plus!

Other than that I’ve been trying to rest as much as I can. Hopefully this coming week is less busy. I had an exam yesterday and a couple papers due last week, but I think it’s two weeks before anything else other than homework comes my way! (then it’ll all hit me with a bang!) I’ve been fairly stressed out with everything, just trying to balance the homework and try to still get half a weekend in and enjoy the beautiful weather. Sometimes you feel like it’s either or and you can’t balance everything. I just try and then it kinda all works out OK.

Fall is about here, it’s cooler and the trees are turning. I am both happy and sad…I love the summer, but I love fall and the colors, smells, pumpkin, and snow…so yeah, I am happy.

I hope y’all are doing great! I wanted to share one thing I think is important during school, especially college: Aim for A’s, do your best, and what you get will be just fine. Grades are important, and I love to get A’s. But what’s important is that you learn and do your best and then the letter is less important!

Comment down below how you’re doing, and also let me know if you have any suggestions of things you’d like me to write about! Happy to oblige you! Love you guys! Don’t forget to SMILE! 😀 ❤              –Myriam


A Poem

I wrote this, but I’m not good at writing poetry so it’s not great! My inspiration was yesterday’s beautiful weather…sunny, warm, a light breeze, absolutely gorgeous for November.

The Fall

The leaves all fall,
But the trees stand tall,
Blow, wind, blow,
We won’t go with you.

The air turns brisk,
In the clouds white midst,
There brews a storm,
Though the sun’s still warm.

No matter what the season,
I always find a reason,
To love the sun,
Without which, nothing would be done.

Hot or cold,
White or gold,
The sun gives warmth,
And perpetual hope.

Hope for a new day,
Hope for a new year,
Hope that the next fall,
Won’t be long in coming.


Absolutely Delicious Pie!

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I made an apple pie but I used both apples and pears instead of just apples. It turned out amazing, so I figured I’d share it with you.

Pie Crust*: (I make my own pie crusts, but you can also use bought ones. It never tastes the same though! 😀 )

-1 cup (2 sticks) of cold butter, in pieces.

-2 cups of flour (I use white flour only, you can also use 1 1/3 C white flour and 2/3 C whole wheat pastry flour).

-Tiny pinch of salt.

-1/4 C cold water.

Place the flour, butter and salt in a food processor and pulse till combined (about 30 seconds). Add cold water and mix till combined (maybe a minute more?). Set the ball of dough in the fridge to cool (rolls out better if cool-you don’t have to though, I do it both ways).  Continue reading