Storms At Sea

I first read Robinson Crusoe when I was about twelve. I found it a bit boring, but I liked the part he spent on the island. Now, reading it again I can actually appreciate the beginning of the book—the part that forms the character. Defoe wrote the book very well and developed the character into someone we can relate to. His struggles and joys make the story.

The book begins with Crusoe living with his parents. He feels a great desire to go out and have an adventure. He doesn’t want to live the mundane life that his parents want him to lead. They give him advice against leaving and throwing away a secure life. He runs away, in effect, and gains passage aboard a ship. After a few mishaps and several mini-adventures aboard different ships, he finds himself a household slave. He manages to gain his freedom with a young boy. They sail south along the African coast, until a Portuguese ship rescues them. All along this time, Crusoe regrets, repents and reaffirms his resolve for adventure in turn. He regrets disobeying his parents, yet he never quite goes back. Finally, on one voyage the ship capsizes in a storm and he finds himself the sole survivor on an island. And there the story really “begins.” Continue reading

A Major Turning Point in My Life

One turning point in my life was when we got our dog. I had been horribly scared of dogs ever since I was one years old. A dog had barked in my face and because I was so little, I had freaked out. For years after, just seeing a dog three hundred feet away would scare me and I would start screaming. It was horrible and embarrassing, especially when we were in stores. So finally when I was seven years old we got a dog: a six month old puppy.

She was an adorable brindle Bouvier de Flanders. We named her Maya. After a few weeks I began to pet her and let her come to me. However, what melted my heart was when she licked me for the first time. I was sitting on the floor tying my shoes when she came up to me and licked my face. Although I was startled and scared at first, afterwards I realized I liked it.

Without Maya I would never have gotten over my horrendous fear of dogs. I am very grateful to her for that. She is now almost eight years old and a wonderful pet. Dogs are wonderful creatures and I don’t think anybody should be scared of them. Maya helped me and I hope everyone who is scared of dogs is able to get over their fear like I did.