I’m Halfway Done With College!

I can’t believe I am halfway done with college already! Two years went by super fast. I won’t say they went by too quickly, cause that’s definitely not true; if they could’ve gone by faster I’d have signed up. The last couple semesters have been pretty stressful. I took six classes each semester, a total of 18 or 19 credits, I worked part time, and I also enrolled in the Honors College.

It has been great though! Last week was finals and I did really well, I am happy to say! Got 4/6 A’s this semester so that’s something to be proud of, although we would’ve liked more haha. Who wouldn’t? I also won a scholarship for the fall, which is soooo awesome! It’s not a super big scholarship but it will cover my books/supplies cost, which is what I needed. I feel very grateful for that! It also means I have to attend the business college’s scholarship banquet in September, so I bought some cute heels to go with one of my dresses….even though its four months in advance. Any excuse to go shopping is good enough, right? 😛

Since my job is only during the semesters, I have been applying for a bunch of jobs here in my town. I have one interview that I’m going to on Tuesday, and I am really hoping that I get it. It’s for a real estate office and one, that’s great cause I have office experience, and two, I may want to get my real estate license in the future so this would be a great step forward.

I am also really happy because a couple of my really good friends aren’t going home for the summer and are staying here, which means I get to see them more often and we can go ahead and do some fun things this summer! 😀 I want to also travel a little, maybe somewhere like Seattle or something, but we’ll see what happens. I’m not holding my breath over it, but also kinda trying to get it to work out. Also, I will also be hopefully seeing my best friend (hey, Alli! <3) this summer after three years, so that will be super, super AWESOME!

I am sick and tired of the wintery weather. It’s still kinda chilly here in Montana, I don’t know why we can’t have a proper spring already. In the next couple of weeks I really hope that it warms up and the trees get leaves and the flowers bloom, cause it’s May already! And I am wearing shorts. Cause I don’t care lol. It comes to the point where I wear summer clothes in an effort to make the warm weather come sooner, although that obviously doesn’t work. Sadly.

My newest favorite TV show/obsession is Blue Bloods. My last one was 24. I highly recommend both. Blue Bloods can be easier to watch, it resolves itself every episode, the characters are well acted and the story revolves around a kind family. It’s very American and I love the cop stories. I am currently on season 3, but they’ve made 9 so far, and renewed for a tenth for 2020. Means I have a lot of watching to do….although I’ll try to keep it reasonable. If you guys have any good recommendations for shows, I’d love to hear them! I compiled a movie/book list over the semester to watch and read over the summer, and I’d love to add to it!

I’ve been journaling every day for the past week, which is a first in my whole life. I have never been able to keep a diary or a journal, honestly my blog was the closest to either I’ve ever come. But I am really going to try to keep this going. I allot time every morning for about twenty minutes. It’s been really relaxing honestly. And writing down my thoughts helps me not stress about things.

I hope you guys are having a great spring/summer so far! It’s probably warm already where you live. Montana is probably the only state that’s still chilly. :/ Might scare away the first wave of tourists though, so if I look at it like that….maybe I don’t mind so much. 😉 Gotta love it! hehe ❤

5 things I….


1. You need R&R!

I never thought of rest and relaxation in the light I do today. After finishing out one semester, studying 18 credits (6 classes) and working a part time job, I finally relaxed. And then I realized that for the past 3 months I hadn’t ever fully relaxed, even over break. Letting go, relaxing, thinking of other things and just doing things completely different from school and work is essential to success in college. Continue reading

Saving 10%

Ever since I got a job last year, I have learned to manage my finances. I always loved to spend all my money, whereas my sister always saved hers. You can imagine how happy I was when she could buy that new game and I didn’t have a cent! With my job came the valuable knowledge that money doesn’t just grow on trees. You have to work hard for it. Now, although I do spend quite a bit of my money on stuff I like, I save a lot of it too, because I value it.

Over the summer I saved about $1,000 to make two large purchases. I had to stop buying a few things, but when I remembered what I would get at the end, I gladly stopped spending so much.

I think that saving without a specific goal is not good, because it makes you wonder why you don’t just spend all your money. Whether that goal is an emergency fund, college, a car, a vacation, stuff for your kids, or gifts, you have to have a goal so that you feel that you’re achieving something by saving.

Knowing how to manage your finances is a great big step towards a successful life.

Small Business Or Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons to start a small (or large) business. I think being an entrepreneur and business owner is great. You feel satisfaction at your success, you’re happy to be doing what you like (hopefully), you can make tons of money if you’re successful and you’re your own employer—you can manage your own schedule and get vacations, time off when you like. The list of benefits goes on….

However, when you are still at a young age, maybe in your teens, starting your own business can be hard. It’s daunting to me, though if I had a good idea I would consider it. Instead of starting your own business, you can get an apprenticeship or a job with a mentor. This allows you to learn the valuable skills necessary for starting your own business in the future. You can ask questions, get experience and maybe even get ideas for your own business. An opportunity like this can even give you experience in the workforce and in a business environment.

I have a great job at a local business where I live. It is not an apprenticeship, but I am learning very valuable skills. Not only am I working in a business environment, but I am also learning the particular job. Depending on my future situation I may start a business or not, but for now I am happy learning all the skills I need to succeed in the future.