Baroque Myriam


Modernism was a movement that occurred in the late nineteenth century and continued into the twentieth century. It contrasted with the movement of neoclassicism from the eighteenth century. The latter strongly emphasized order, reason, the following of convention… Read More


Romanticism was a cultural movement in the 19th century, which changed art, music and literature. It came after neo-classicism, which had sought to organize and rationalize the over extravagant baroque era. There are several themes in romanticism. There… Read More

St. Augustine of Hippo’s Confessions

Confessions is an autobiographical work written by St. Augustine of Hippo in Latin, between A.D. 397 and 398. It is not a complete autobiography but is considered the first western autobiography ever written. It consists of thirteen sections,… Read More

The Eumenides — The Oresteia

The final, breathtaking play in the tragic Oresteia is The Eumenides. It deals with the critical question as to whether or not the condemned prince Orestes is guilty of murder.

Theogony — Hesiod

Theogony is an 8th century poem written by the Greek poet Hesiod that describes the origin of the gods of Mt. Olympus. In the poem, three generations of gods are described.