A Trip to Yellowstone….

We live close to Yellowstone National Park, so my family and I took a trip to the park on Memorial Day. It was lots of fun, an absolutely gorgeous day, so we had a great time!

We really wanted to see a moose in the park, because we always see them outside the park. And we did! We saw one, and I got some pictures of it. We also saw a black bear. It was small and cute and furry, and even though I am freaked out about bears (yes, I’ve grown up in bear country, know the proper precautions, etc…but I’m still freaked out about them!) this one looked like it wouldn’t harm a fly! Anyway, I know that looks are most definitely deceiving with bears, but it was still cute and it came close to the car so I got some nice shots (camera shots, that is).  Continue reading

Business Opportunities

The world of business is a huge world. It can really be anything you want. Without business, we wouldn’t have anything. From the business deal between a farmer and a grocery store for the milk you buy, to a website you got from a graphic designer, all areas involve some form of business.

Over the last few weeks, my business class has gone over several business opportunities. From service-based businesses such as car-washing to being an insurance agent, to online business opportunities such as copy-writing, blogging, graphic design and publishing, the possibilities are endless, really.

It is very hard to choose just one of them as something I would like to do, but I have picked two that kind of go together. These are photography and videography. Continue reading