Three Stories I Would Include In My Autobiography

The first story I would include in my autobiography is my first theater experience, which was pretty awful. I was very little, about five or six. The play was the Jungle Book and I was a monkey. I was in the costume, back stage the whole play, except for about five minutes when the monkeys sang a silly little song. I was very bored and hot. Overall, not a great experience.

My second story is about skiing, my favorite (and only) sport. I live about forty-five minutes away from a small ski resort. Two years ago, when I was twelve, I got my first pair of skis and boots. Continue reading

Three Stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

In all three of the following myths, from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, there is the concept of man’s pride and then his fall before God (in this case a god or several gods). He is then turned into a part of nature in punishment.

The first myth is Arachne and Minerva. Arachne is a woman who has been taught by the goddess Minerva to weave. She pridefully believes herself to be the best weaver. Minerva, her own pride hurt, challenges her to a weaving contest. Arachne wins. Enraged, the goddess changes Arachne into a Continue reading